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SATIRE: “The Sandy Hook hoax will be exposed in two weeks”

Hero for truth Wolfgang Halbig reminds the Sandy Hook Defense Group of their impending legal ruin. TWO WEEKS!! Advertisements

Rocky Mountain LOW: Sandy Hook Hoaxer Runs for Office in Colorado

It was almost almost exactly one year ago that the voters of Colorado’s 3rd Senate District voted to recall Democrat Angela Giron. It was a lopsided result, much bigger than the one that took out the state Senate president, a 14-point landslide against one of the Democrats who’d represented a fairly conservative district yet dared … Continue reading

Sandy Hook Superintendent Tells the Newtown Story

Dr. Janet Robinson, former Superintendent of Sandy Hook Elementary, talks about the day of the shooting.  

Unraveling Sofia Smallstorm’s Video on Sandy Hook

PART 1: Framing the Debate (Creating the psychological environment) PART 2: The Firehouse, the Staging Area for the ICS PART 3: The Hoaxer’s Christmas Tree Hoax Sophia Smallstorm Sandy Hook Hoax Sign-in Sign Trick Did Sofia Smallstorm intentionally trick the entire hoax community by editing a video of Rosen, made FOUR days after the shooting, … Continue reading

Wolfgang Halbig – Fact Checking the So-called “Sandy Hook Expert” and His “16 Questions” Answered

C.W. Wade is the first Sandy Hook researcher to take on Wolfgang Halbig and publish proof he is a fake, a phony, a fraud. Courtesy of Sandy Hook- Facts & Research CW Wade | February 23, 2013 Wolfgang Halbig has been going around asking the same inane 16 questions for over a month.  It is … Continue reading

Sandy Hook The Deadliest Minute – Hoax, Details, and Evidence – 2nd Edition

“Sandy Hook – The Deadliest Minute” is a ground breaking look at the physical evidence that was released detailing the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. The evidence shows how seventeen of the victims were killed in about sixty seconds; the deadliest part of the killing spree and the deadliest minutes in mass shooting history. … Continue reading

Sandy Hook “Hoax” Debunked

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Video Debunked By Experts

Sandy Hook Hoax Ultimate (Case Closed) DEBUNKED

Confessions of an Ex-Conspiracy Theorist