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Sandy Hook: Honr Trumps Hoaxer

Over the past several weeks, Hoaxers have been up in arms over a tireless effort to wipe their offensive, slanderous and grossly inaccurate content off the face of the worldwide web. What’s a Hoaxer, you ask? That’s a word assigned to those who believe that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) massacre was actually … Continue reading

Sandy Hook Hoax And Other Conspiracies You Should Stop Sharing On Social Media

The Sandy Hook hoax conspiracy theory has unfortunately been around since about a month after the shootings occurred, thanks in part to a hugely popular YouTube video and sites like InfoWars. The truth of the matter is that 20 children, six adults, and the shooter’s own mother died that day in December 2012, but that’s … Continue reading

Facebook Enables The Deniers

While I freely admit I am a non-user of Facebook, I could not help but do some research on it after reading Lenny Pozner’s heartfelt piece, “Our Grief Denied: Newtown Families Tormented By Those Who Say Shooting Is A Hoax” [July 27, Opinion]. Perhaps I’ve misread something, but it appears to me that Tony Mead … Continue reading

Our Grief Denied: The Twisted Cruelty Of Sandy Hook Hoaxers

More than a year and a half after Adam Lanza brutally murdered 26 women and children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, parents and relatives of the victims still relive the terror of that fateful day along with the daily anguish and torment they suffer over the loss of their loved ones. Worse, … Continue reading

5 Things I’ve noticed about… Sandy Hook Hoax Conspiracy Theorists

Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists. Many skeptics (including myself) consider these people to be the lowest of the low. There are actually two different types of these conspiracy theorists: those who think that the massacre at the elementary school was a false flag attack, and those that think that it didn’t even happen at all, more … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Whoever Stole a Sandy Hook Victim’s Memorial Sign

You Know Who You Are, I have a five-year-old daughter. She has blond hair that falls in little ringlets and a smile that feels as if it radiates warm sunshine against my soul. She remembers anything she’s ever said to me that I laughed at and every once in a while she’ll remind me of … Continue reading

Lenny Pozner: Setting the Record Straight

When I first began my in-depth study of the Sandy Hook Tragedy, I was a much different person.  I entertained the idea that everything was not as it seemed, I needed answers.  I believed “Sandy Hoax” people were acting in good faith. I had no personal attachment to the events of that day other than … Continue reading

We Already Know What Adam Lanza’s Real Motive Was at Sandy Hook

So maybe 20-year-old Adam Lanza was a kind of pedophile whose idea of having sex with kids was to shoot them. A hint at that is in the report on the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders released on Monday by the Connecticut state attorney’s office in Danbury. Among the items the report says detectives found … Continue reading

Confessions of an Ex-Conspiracy Theorist

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory: Debunking the World’s Worst Investigative Journalism

By now, most people out there have heard of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories circulating the web. Salon has a comprehensive list and easily debunks them all here. These ideas tend to come up whenever there is a national tragedy as people try to cope with the arbitrary nature of violence and assign meaning to … Continue reading