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Was Adam Lanza Too Clumsy To Kill? Clinical Psychologist Weighs in on Asperger’s

Although the information superhighway has become one of the most direct routes for reaching the truth, it has of late become littered with lies and fabrications that are steering many well-meaning truth seekers completely off course. Nowhere is this more evident than in the online discussions about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) massacre, … Continue reading

Adam Lanza Found Inspiration in Student Film “Bullet Time”

I’ll be posting a detailed analysis of this film soon, but I wanted to get this bit out first: the Polish student film “Bullet Time,” which Adam Lanza recommended on multiple occasions on the Super Columbine Massacre RPG discussion forum, actually itself recommends the same forum as a place for budding school shooters to do … Continue reading

Who really owned the guns in the Lanza home?

I detailed in a previous post how we know that the unnamed interview subject who told the FBI that Adam Lanza owned the Sandy Hook murder weapon was, in fact, his brother Ryan. This is the second part of that analysis. (quick note for frequent visitors to the blog: I didn’t intend for a seven-month delay between parts. Attempts … Continue reading

Sandy Hook School Shooting Analysis

A continuing research project into the facts of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, including the first ever step by step analysis of the physical evidence showing how the shooter carried out the attacks. Part 1: The Gear Up Part 2: The Animal Attacks – Room 10 is first. Part 3: The Deadliest Minute in … Continue reading

Sandy Hook The Deadliest Minute – Hoax, Details, and Evidence – 2nd Edition

“Sandy Hook – The Deadliest Minute” is a ground breaking look at the physical evidence that was released detailing the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. The evidence shows how seventeen of the victims were killed in about sixty seconds; the deadliest part of the killing spree and the deadliest minutes in mass shooting history. … Continue reading

We Already Know What Adam Lanza’s Real Motive Was at Sandy Hook

So maybe 20-year-old Adam Lanza was a kind of pedophile whose idea of having sex with kids was to shoot them. A hint at that is in the report on the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders released on Monday by the Connecticut state attorney’s office in Danbury. Among the items the report says detectives found … Continue reading

Are Violent Video Games Turning Kids Into Killers?

Are violent video games turning our children into cold-blooded killers? In the aftermath of many mass shootings, the suspected perpetrators are often found to have spent countless hours behind the controls of first-person shooting games that simulate real-life combat situations. Take the case of Aaron Alexis, the 34-year-old naval contractor who allegedly gunned down 13 … Continue reading

Nancy Lanza: In Her Own Words

Nancy Lanza met Marvin LaFontaine when their young sons were in the Cub Scouts together in New Hampshire. “We connected right away,” LaFontaine said. “Right from there it was a friendship.” After the Lanza family moved to Connecticut in 1998, Nancy and LaFontaine kept in touch by email. He shared some of those emails from … Continue reading

Was Adam Lanza an Undiagnosed Schizophrenic?

This past week, 20 children, none older than 7, and 6 adults were brutally slain by 20 year-old Adam Lanza in a Newtown Connecticut school shooting. As the world continues to grieve over the Newtown massacre, we must strive to make sense of what transpired and decipher what we are all meant to learn from … Continue reading

Bullet Time: a review (part 2 of 2)

Bullet Time: a review (part 2 of 2)