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“I could have been Adam Lanza” without mental help

WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — A man who says he could have been like Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza is speaking out against one of Governor Malloy’s proposed spending cuts.

A $25 million cut to adult mental health programs across the state is just one of the social service programs under the budget cutting ax in the year ahead. There’s over half a billion in spending cuts in the Governor’s new budget.

“I was suicidal, homicidal, and I wanted to kill people,” said 60-year-old Don Morin of Manchester. He’s going public because for 30 years he says he’s been kept from the edge with regular medication and talk therapy. “I wanted to make the world suffer the way I felt like I was suffering. I had ideations of being like (Adam) Lanza. I wanted to kill people and then myself.”

Morin and others say it seems ironic that Governor Malloy wants to cut the budget for agencies that help people like him while also saying they want to try to avoid something like the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

“I had a gun, an Uzi as a matter of fact,” said Morin. “I was starting to make plans and preparations for how I was going to do it.”

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