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“We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” Stalker Craven S Moorehead aka Swansong aka Swan


On his Facebook page, this decisively un-American Manitoba Canadian goes by the sexually suggestive name of Craven S Moorehead (get it?). But you may know him as Swan or Swansong; an alias he adopts when writing on his Insanemedia website or as a prominently featured “independent journalist” in the new video, entitled “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.”

NOTE: One in a series of videos pointing out the multiple fallacies in “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” can be found at the bottom of this page. Many more are forthcoming.

In a previous post on the Sandy Hook Stalkers blog, Craven S Moorehead was shown to be partnered with Katja Bush, the wife of Captain Lashon Bush of the U.S. Army Cyber Command– all three of whom our team found linked to the IP-phishing Insanemedia website.

Even earlier than that, Craven S Moorehead’s website was exposed by our team for pilfering the online image of an attractive female model and claiming that she was Insanemedia writer Kennedy Ray (later determined to be Katja Bush). After contacting the model’s representative, determining that the model was in now way connected to Insanemedia and presenting our evidence that no permission was given to use her image, it was promptly removed. After several days passed, however, the image reappeared under the Kennedy Ray name.

When Craven S Moorehead isn’t busy with his for-profit media ventures, he spends many hours pouring over pictures of dead and living children, witnesses, surviving family members and others who were personally affected by the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) massacre. You see, Craven S Moorehead is a Canadian on a desperate mission to exonerate killer Adam Lanza by proving that the murders never happened and that these Americans were actors playing parts in an “elaborate hoax.” To that end, Craven S Moorehead will post their pictures on the Internet attached to his libelous screeds that completely misrepresent the lives they live or once did.

Craven S Moorehead also shares these photos and his thoughts on them with friends on Facebook. Though he has an Insanemedia Facebook page, Craven S Moorehead is far more active on Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page where he serves as one of three administrators.

Just Another Day of Online Stalking

For those unfamiliar, Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page is where Hoaxers (those who believe that the SHES massacre was a government “false flag” operation) gather to spew libelous accusations and plot strategies to harass and intimidate those personally affected by the SHES tragedy. Their stalking and predations occur on a daily basis and have been well documented by those of us who have been monitoring their activities. For this reason, Craven S Moorehead and others have had the audacity to call us stalkers. Of course that makes about as much sense as calling a team of police officers stalkers because they monitor the online activities of child predators.

Think there’s a big difference?

Just take a brief glimpse into what Craven S Moorehead and his fellow “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” colleagues are engaged in on a daily basis and you’ll likely see why this warrants cause for concern.

One of the tactics often used by Hoaxers is to send a Facebook “friend request” to their intended victim under false pretenses. Once given access to their timeline, the Hoaxer will copy photos and share them with other Hoaxers.

In this series of screenshots, Sandy Hook Hoaxer Hope Smith Polk initiates an online discussion on Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Group Facebook page by posting a photo of a woman related to one of the SHES victims (Hope’s comment and the photo excluded from viewing to protect the victim’s identity.)

WARNING! The Following Material is Extremely Graphic and Highly Offensive! Viewer Discretion Advised!

Here’s what Craven S Moorehead’s fellow “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” promoters had to say:




Although Craven S Moorehead has consistently denied that he allows this kind of behavior to exist on Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, he–as an administrator–has failed to take action. In fact, Craven S Moorehead not only allowed this discussion to continue but soon became a participant by posting another photo of the same victim at a gravesite and making these comments:

1st Craven PART 2

Craven FINAL 2


Grave stalking is a common theme on Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page. This ghoulish behavior has been documented and archived extensively and extends beyond conversation. Some of Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page members have admitted physically stalking the gravesites of victims as well as harassing employees at funeral homes. Then, of course, is the issue of digging up dead children. Members of Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook regularly meet on the page to discuss strategies for exhuming bodies. Among them is Tony Mead’s colleague and fellow Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig, who discusses this often and openly.

Birds of a Feather Stalk Together

Craven S Moorehead has also been found linked to a group of stalkers engaged in an online sexual harassment campaign.

The female victim, who fears for her safety and therefore wishes to remain unidentified at this time, provided this reporter with screenshots of posts from Google+ pages that substantiate this claim.The posts contain photoshopped images of the victim’s face attached to graphic, sexually explicit content. Some images also contain sexually explicit text intended to impugn the integrity and reputation of the victim, such as suggesting that the victim performs certain sexual acts.

The victim was targeted for simply posting an article (written  by someone other than the victim) that shared publicly accessible financial information on Tony Mead, founder and organizer of the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook pages and groups. A few minutes prior to receiving the first obscene post, three Google+ pages simultaneously added the victim to their circles, including Craven S Moorehead as Swan and his colleague and fellow “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” promoter BoJack Horseman:


The obscene material came from this Google+ page:

Fake Honor Page

NOTE: The real “Honr Network” is in no way affiliated with the Google+ account featured above. The account holder of that page stole the copyright protected name of the Honr Network as a way of mocking them. For information on the real Honr Network, visit their website at this link.

Tony Mead, founder and organizer of the Sandy Hook Facebook pages and groups, is a fan of this page and has promoted it among his members. For those who dare, check this link to view the vile content.


When the victim demanded that the images be removed, the content creator told her:

“I’m just getting started. Remove any reference to Tony and his bankruptcy file completely, encourage others to follow suit and I will take them down and refrain from posting the three other pictures of you with a huge cock in your mouth I spent the last day making with the amazing new animation software I downloaded.”


The harassment has since escalated.

First Blood

This reporter’s history with Craven S Moorehead dates back several months beginning with a post I made on Metabunk about the then-unresolved issue of who cleaned up the SHES crime scene. I referenced an article he had written under his Swan identity where he claims that he could find no evidence that restoration company JP Maguire offered crime scene trauma cleanup services. In my post, I provided a link to an advertisement proving that JP Maguire did, in fact, advertise for that service (at this point the subject is moot. The final report clearly identifies Clean Harbors as the company called for service at SHES). Craven S Moorehead was apparently miffed that I embarrassed him and decided to try and “one up” me by taking issue with my suggestion that crime trauma companies are considered generators of bio-medical waste.

“Mr. Johnson missed the boat on this one,” Swan wrote in his article. “Crime scene cleaners are not ‘generators’ of biomedical waste.”

Despite the fact that Swan failed to back up his claim with any source material, I did not press the matter. Several weeks later, however, Craven S Moorehead sought me out on face book in a failed attempt to “rub my nose in it” by reiterating his claim. I quickly countered with a link to an online publication by Aftermath Services LLC, entitled Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Compliance, which clearly states: “In every state except Arizona, trauma & crime scene clean up companies are considered the generator of the medical waste (i.e. bio).”

Although Craven S Moorehead was presented with indisputable proof of his error, he has failed to update his article to reflect the correct information. A forthcoming article will specifically address Craven S Moorehead’s extensive history of making false and misleading statements and failing to own up to his mistakes even after being presented with indisputable facts.

To Catch a Predator

This reporter makes no secret of the fact that he regularly monitors and reports on the predatory activities of Tony Mead’s Facebook group. Based on what I’ve seen, I can think of no better words to describe these people than stalkers and predators. I have even referred to some, including Craven S Moorehead, as child predators. What else do you call a person who wants to track down Sandy Hook Elementary School students who sang at the 2013 Super Bowl?

One dictionary definition of predator is: “a person or group that ruthlessly exploits others.”


Craven S Moorehead has and continues to exploit the brutal murder of 20 children and has posted pictures of children on his website and made false claims about their existence. He is also admin of the Sandy Hook Hoax group where he allows children to be hunted and exploited on a regular basis by its members.

Of course Craven S Moorehead doesn’t see it that way and would like to convince others that he is the victim. In one of his recent articles, written under the Swan identity, he attempts to turn the tables on his enemies by painting them as the villains. Referring to CW Wade and I, Swan writes: “Not only do ‘they’ gleefully use the Logical Fallacy tactic, they use it in the most vile and reprehensible way possible. Terms like ‘stalker’ and ‘predator’ litter their discourse often followed or preceded by mention of children.”

Although this statement would lead most to believe that he is above using those words, the evidence clearly shows that he is responsible for saying much worse. On September 26, for instance, Craven S Moorehead emerged from a brief hiatus to arrogantly announce that he was now full owner of the Insanemedia website.

“The domain…the site…the server, the articles all now belong to me,” Craven S Moorehead wrote on the Sandy Hook Hoaxers Are Not Bright Facebook page. “If you want to fuck around, Wade…let’s go. I have nothing holding me back now, you gutless, child molesting piece of shit. Bring on the lawsuits.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Craven S Moorehead used “the most vile and reprehensible” language followed by the “mention of children,” two so-called “tactics” he claimed CW Wade and I were using against him. That’s the very definition of what Craven S Moorehead often refers to as “the pot calling the kettle black.”

Oh, and just for the record, Wade is not a child molester. Craven S Moorehead has no basis for this allegation and simply thinks he has license to say such things because I have equated his activities to that of a child predator. There’s a big difference between a molester and a predator and Craven S Moorehead learn to choose his words more carefully lest he end up in some real hot water.

Then again, judging by his arrogance, it doesn’t appear he is concerned with consequences. Craven S Moorehead apparently feels that he’s safe from the long arm of American justice because he resides north of our border. That may be true. But that won’t stop me from exhausting every legal means at my disposal to identify who this foreign enemy is and bring his activities to the attention of the proper authorities and those fellow Americans he has targeted.



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