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Among Real First Responders, Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig is Persona Non Grata


Con artist Wolfgang Halbig may be able to fool some of the people some of the time, but he can’t fool real law enforcement and emergency medical service (EMS) workers.

For the better part of this year, Halbig has been the face of a small but obsessive group of conspiracy theorists—commonly referred to as Hoaxers—who believe that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) massacre was “an elaborate illusion pulled off by people within FEMA, Homeland Security and the highest levels of our government.”

Since he emerged on the scene last February, Halbig has been trying to pass himself off as an expert in mass causality incidents (MCIs) based on his experience in law enforcement. Few realize that his own resume shows a maximum of one year as a Florida Highway patrolman in 1974 and that the only document he can produce to show training in MCI’s is a certificate from the National Incident Management System, which virtually anyone can access online after taking a roughly 3 hour course.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Halbig from generating anywhere from $35 – 50,000 in donations from people who have entrusted him to lead an independent investigation into the SHES tragedy. Thus far, that investigation has failed to launch and all the Hoaxers have gotten for their money is lip service on Facebook posts, YouTube channels, radio shows and a few personal appearances.

On October 6, Halbig took his travelling road show to Long Island, New York and spoke at the local Moose Lodge before a patriot group known as Oathkeepers.

According to fellow Hoaxer and Halbig event organizer David Weiss:

“He presented to a packed room of about 150 people which about half were law enforcement and EMS workers. Prior to the presentation I interviewed a few random people on their thoughts on Sandy Hook and all of them said they only know the official story of a lone gunman killing 26 people and they were here to hear a presentation on what really happened. They had no idea what they were about to hear.”

Weiss goes on to write:

“By the end everyone there was wide awake to the mass deception played out on the world on December 14th, 2012.”

Really, Mr. Weiss?

A spokesman for Long Island Oathkeepers recently reached out to this reporter for thoughts on Halbig and the presentation he gave before their group, which can still be viewed on a few YouTube channels.

After voicing my opinion and providing him with a few choice critiques and exposés, Long Island Oathkeepers spokesman A. Poliakoff replied:

“He reached out to us and we allowed him to come speak, but we don’t, as a group, condone or promote anything that he says. We are a Constitutional group that works with active and retired public and military service members, to get them to understand their oath of office and to uphold it, in order to protect the freedoms and rights of American citizens…”

Halbig is not only persona non grata amongst this group of Oathkeepers, but is also not welcome back to the Moose Lodge where he held his talk. On October 7, this reporter contacted Moose Lodge National Headquarters and alerted them of the online video of Halbig’s talk at Lodge 318.

On October 10, local administrator J. Senatore responded with this email reply:

“I have to apologize for this guy being in my Lodge…We do have members of the Moose who are also members of other groups and they have meetings here from time to time…I was not present that night or I would have said something to the people who booked the room…I have talked to my contacts in the different organizations to have this video either taken down or to at least edit out the beginning showing the Moose Lodge…”

Wherever Halbig roams, decent society categorically rejects him once they learn what he stands for. For instance, after he travelled to Newtown, Connecticut on May 6 to address a Board of Education meeting, the Connecticut Post reported that his words “fell flat with a respectful but thoroughly disgusted audience” and though he tried to appeal to Board members, they “refused to take the bait, remaining silent throughout presentations by Halbig and several of his supporters who followed him to the microphone.”

Earlier that day, Halbig was rejected from entering the United Way and the Sandy Hook Fire Department, where he provoked a physical altercation with a fireman who was trying to prevent him from trespassing.

Time after time, Halbig’s hurl-accusations-first, ask-questions-later reputation precedes him. Even when he and a couple of his colleagues tried to attend a trial in Hartford, Connecticut for fellow Hoaxer and convicted harasser Jonathan Reich, security was promptly called to escort them out the building, proving once again that the name Wolfgang Halbig carries no clout in the real world.

Halbig’s support among other reputable pro-Constitution groups is also no-existent, especially in Connecticut. Just prior to his May visit to Newtown, for instance, this reporter—writing for American Free Press—reached out to Scott Wilson, President of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, the Constitution State’s leading pro-Second Amendment groups.

When asked if knew Halbig or had been contacted by him concerning his planned visit, Wilson replied:

“No, but I’m familiar with him from interviews I’ve seen on YouTube. I don’t agree [with] what he’s doing and we’re not endorsing anything he’s got planned for Newtown…We don’t try to pretend that this shooting never occurred and that no one was killed. I personally know a first responder who was part of the relief effort. We also have members who—if not personally affected by the tragedy—know someone who was.”

If you’re looking for credentialed law enforcement or EMS workers that have come forward to endorse Halbig’s claims, you won’t find them. You will, however, find plenty who will refute them. Among the most vocal is author Chris Hernandez, a 20 year police veteran who has “served several years as an adjunct Active Shooter instructor, teaching other officers how to respond to mass shootings.”

In one article on his blog, Hernandez addressed Halbig’s famous “16 questions” and did a comprehensive refutation of his claims. In a follow up article, this salty law enforcement veteran voiced the frustrations many of us have dealing with imposters like Halbig who don’t even possess a basic understanding of the fields they profess to be experts in:

“Questions aren’t evidence. Under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which most of you claim to love, we can’t convict people without evidence. If you believe in convicting people without evidence, you’re an anti-American piece of crap. So if you have actual evidence of a conspiracy, lay it out. If you don’t, then shut the f**k up.”

By Keith Johnson





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