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Insanemedia Caught Stealing Woman’s Identity To Promote Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory

by Keith Johnson

Another member of the Sandy Hook Hoaxer community has been caught stealing and manipulating intellectual property to enforce their warped interpretation of the tragedy that struck Newtown, Ct. on December 14, 2012.

This week’s theft is attributed to a Canadian predator that goes by the sexually suggestive name Craven S Moorehead.

This deranged individual, who is an administrator on Tony Mead’s Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, owns and operates a website called Insanemedia, where he posts nonsensical Sandy Hook conspiracy content under the alias of Swansong.

Recently, Moorehead announced that his website was up and running after a brief hiatus. “Insanemedia is back,” wrote Swansong in a September 29 post, entitled Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss. “To those that attack, stalk or harass us I say…bring it on. The truth has nothing to fear from threats and intimidation.”

Actually, the words “attack, stalk” and “harass” best describe Craven S Moorehead and his allies at the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page. The word “truth,” however, is not something you’ll find on the web pages of Insanemedia or anywhere else Moorehead lays his hat.


Today, October 1, it was determined that Insanemedia author “Kennedy Ray” is a complete work of fiction all the way down to the photograph posted next to “its” bio:


The text reads:

“About Kennedy Ray
Kennedy Ray Just a girl who owns the black belt in blogging and publishing. I have a passion for rebels and a heart for weird people. Normal people lack of creativity and imagination.”

The image was pilfered from a collection of photos taken in 2009 by a group called Duck Duck Collective:


Here are some other pictures of the model that Insanemedia claims as Kennedy Ray:



The image of this model was obviously chosen to promote the illusion that Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists are hip, young and sexy rather than the lonely, middle-aged trailer trash that actually runs the Insanemedia website.

In an effort to determine conclusively that this photo was stolen and that the model was not Kennedy Ray, this Newtown Post-Examiner reporter reached out to John Carl, owner of Duck Duck collective.

In an email, I provided Mr. Carl with a link to Kennedy Ray’s bio page on Insanemedia and asked if he could verify if his model was Kennedy Ray and if Insanemedia had the right to use his image.

On October 1, Mr. Carl replied: “Yeah I can confirm that’s definitely not her and they definitely don’t have permission to use that photo.”

So, in other words, Insanemedia STALKED the Internet and STOLE a woman’s identity and then ATTACKED her character by assigning her image to a vile conspiracy theory that she does not endorse. Is that the TRUTH that Moorehead claims has “nothing to fear”?

Stealing intellectual property is nothing new to the Sandy Hook Hoax crowd. For months, their trademark was an image owned by model/photographer Sarah Loven. They even had the audacity to print up T-shirts to sell before that operation was shut down under threat of copyright infringement.

This isn’t the first time Craven S Moorehead has stolen someone’s identity either. A few weeks ago, after his Facebook account was shut down, Moorehead opened up another account under the name of Donald Williams and pilfered an image of fashion designer Craig Signer as his avatar. Needless to say, that account was reported and shut down.

Of course latest this revelation is nowhere near as devastating as the Sandy Hook “Flexfit” Hoax perpetrated by Sandy Hook Hoax’s resident ditz “Bridget Norris.” It’s simply one more piece of evidence proving that the Sandy Hook Hoaxer crowd has absolutely no respect for the truth or their fellow man. They will steal your identity and put words in your mouth if it helps enforce their lies. They will claim—without proof—that the government and others are fabricating evidence and creating fictitious characters when IN FACT it is the Sandy Hook Hoaxers themselves who have been caught doing those very things.

By the way, Kennedy Ray also uses this model’s image on its fake Facebook page:




One thought on “Insanemedia Caught Stealing Woman’s Identity To Promote Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory

  1. Also in regards to copyright infringement done by these people, they were also trying to sale a shirt with the Joker on it. However the WB didn’t like that too much. Would be nice to see these people end up getting in trouble for stealing images.


    Posted by Duke Reichert | October 1, 2014, 10:58 pm

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