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Rocky Mountain LOW: Sandy Hook Hoaxer Runs for Office in Colorado


It was almost almost exactly one year ago that the voters of Colorado’s 3rd Senate District voted to recall Democrat Angela Giron. It was a lopsided result, much bigger than the one that took out the state Senate president, a 14-point landslide against one of the Democrats who’d represented a fairly conservative district yet dared to vote for gun safety bills in the wake of the Aurora and Newtown shootings.* Giron represented almost all of Pueblo County, which voted for Obama-Biden in 2008 and 2012 but can send conservatives to local offices.*

But Tom Ready might be an insurgent too far. He’s running against an incumbent Democrat, Sal Pace, and wasn’t expected to win even before their Sept. 10 debate. Pace challenged Ready to explain a Facebook post (now inaccessible) in which he shared theories that the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings were hoaxes perpetuated by the government in order to force a gun-grabbing bill through Congress. (Connecticut and Colorado did pass gun restrictions in the wake of the killings. Far more states loosened their restrictions.) Ready took the bait. “If you recall,” he said, “there was a picture of a man walking in, whose daughter had died. He was smiling and joking. When he walked into the room, he turned, and all of a sudden he had tears in his eyes. Why? I question that. You saw these pictures. And, you know, there’s a lot of stuff that floats around Facebook. Whether it’s true or not, it’s called an open discussion.”

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David Weigel | September 12, 2014



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