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Debunked: Foley’s Sister Katie Foley vs Lanza’s Friend Alex Israel [Not the Same Person]


In one of the more bizarre sub-aspects of some conspiracy theories, some theorists have become convinced that all news reports are staged using actors. Even more oddly they become convinced that the same actors crop up again and again. They validate this theory by occasionally finding low-resolution images of people who look superficially alike from a certain angle. But when you get some actual high resolution images of the people involved, it’s always apparent they are different people. It’s like there’s a subset of conspiracy theorists who are face blind. These two women, for example, were presented (via low resolution screen-grabs of them making the same expression) as being the same person, and hence evidence that the Foley beheading and the Sandy Hook shootings were faked.

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August 30, 2014



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