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Sandy Hook Hoax Caught Manipulating Evidence – Adam Lanza’s Hat and Flexfit


As has happened so often in the past, Sandy Hook Hoaxers have once again been caught fabricating evidence to bolster their contention that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a “Hoax”.

The conspiracy theorist groups, such as those operated by Tony Mead and Wolfgang Halbig, use their fabricated ‘evidence’ to raise funds.

It’s notable that despite the fact the groups have raised thousands of dollars, neither group has ever produced a single tangible result or produce a single piece of rational admissible evidence of hoax.  NONE.

This time, Sandy Hook Hoaxers are claiming that the hat worn by Adam Lanza and photographed in the final report could not have been worn in 2012 because it has the  “new Flexfit band” that was manufactured in 2013.

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CW Wade | August 27, 2014


Part 2: Sandy Hook Hoax Perpetuates their Fraud – Flexfit Bucket Hat 

Part 3: Sandy Hook Hoax Fraud – Original Flexfit Email Released 

Conclusion: The Sandy Hook “Flexfit” Hoax



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