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Lenny Pozner: Setting the Record Straight


When I first began my in-depth study of the Sandy Hook Tragedy, I was a much different person.  I entertained the idea that everything was not as it seemed, I needed answers.  I believed “Sandy Hoax” people were acting in good faith. I had no personal attachment to the events of that day other than generally being touched, as we all were, at the scope of the tragedy.

That is all different now. Without bragging, I consider myself one of the most well read people on the Newtown Tragedy, having studied the 7000 +/- pages, video, and photo in available report and every major “hoax theory” out there; with that knowledge, I absolutely know Adam Lanza entered that school and did the unthinkable; matched only in scope by War Crime level events.  I know the leadership caste of the Sandy Hoax people are scammers, photoshopping “evidence” and overtly lying; fraudulently pushing their absurd theories to a growing crowd using Youtube and blogs as a forum for their deception and madness.    And I have met online and by email a few of the people, collateral victims, personally affected that day; some of whom I’ve promised complete confidentiality too.   I will maintain my promises to them forever. In this respect, I too am personally affected.

I’ve been given permission to publish a writing of Lenny Pozner. A writing that touched my heart.  I have had many conversations with Lenny on the phone and by email and while we have never met face-to-face, I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man and yes, I consider him a friend…

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CW Wade | May 10, 2014


Noah Pozner Death Certificate Released

Noah Pozner Medical Exam Released

Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner’s Postmortem Examination

Sandy Hook Autopsy Clarification from Dr. Gill



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