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The Daily Banter’s Investigation Helps Catch Sandy Hook Memorial Thief

This morning, police in Herndon, Va. recovered the two signs that had been stolen from the memorial playgrounds honoring Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski, victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. Police have told us that The Daily Banter‘s reporting on the story was instrumental in catching 28-year-old Andrew David Truelove and bringing the case to a … Continue reading

Sandy Hook Truther Comes Forward, Provides Photos of Stolen memorial Signs in His Living Room

It’s difficult to imagine the kind of suffering the family of Grace McDonnell has endured. In some ways it feels disrespectful to even believe you can, given the enormity of what happened to them. The same can no doubt be said for the parents and loved ones of all the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary … Continue reading

Sandy Hook School Shooting Analysis

A continuing research project into the facts of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, including the first ever step by step analysis of the physical evidence showing how the shooter carried out the attacks. Part 1: The Gear Up Part 2: The Animal Attacks – Room 10 is first. Part 3: The Deadliest Minute in … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Whoever Stole a Sandy Hook Victim’s Memorial Sign

You Know Who You Are, I have a five-year-old daughter. She has blond hair that falls in little ringlets and a smile that feels as if it radiates warm sunshine against my soul. She remembers anything she’s ever said to me that I laughed at and every once in a while she’ll remind me of … Continue reading

Newtown School Board Shuts Down Conspiracy Theorists

By Benjamin Radford | May 11, 2014 | Ever since the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, wild conspiracies have circulated claiming that the massacre was a hoax and a fraud. Twenty children and six adults were shot, and grieving families of the dead children have been accused of being paid actors in … Continue reading

Lenny Pozner: Setting the Record Straight

When I first began my in-depth study of the Sandy Hook Tragedy, I was a much different person.  I entertained the idea that everything was not as it seemed, I needed answers.  I believed “Sandy Hoax” people were acting in good faith. I had no personal attachment to the events of that day other than … Continue reading

Sign Stolen from Playground Honoring Sandy Hook Victim, Thief Claims Shooting Was a Hoax: Official

A man stole a 50-pound vinyl peace sign from a Mystic playground built in memory of a Sandy Hook shooting victim then called the slain girl’s mother to tell her why he did it, according to one of the playground’s supporters. William Lavin, the organizer of the “Where Angels Play Foundation” that built the playground … Continue reading

Newtown school board greets Sandy Hook skeptics with silence

NEWTOWN — They came and they spoke, but their words fell flat with a respectful but thoroughly disgusted audience. A dozen or so self-described skeptics of official accounts of the Sandy Hook school shooting appeared Tuesday night at the Board of Education meeting, each taking the allotted three minutes to address pointed questions to board … Continue reading

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Is Wolfgang Halbig on a Wild Goose Chase?

By Keith Johnson — Wolfgang W. Halbig won’t rest until the state of Connecticut answers “16 simple questions” concerning the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of December 14, 2012. Will those answers be forthcoming, or have they been hiding in plain sight for quite some time? Halbig, a former school safety consultant, was launched onto … Continue reading