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Three Shooting Ranges Frequented by the Sandy Hook Shooter

I’ve seen this be a matter of debate in some circles, along the lines of “nobody remembers seeing Adam Lanza at any firing range in Connecticut.” So I feel it’s worth documenting that this isn’t at all the case. In the full Sandy Hook Shooting report files disclosed by the Connecticut State Police, Christian Hansen, … Continue reading

Life for a Newtown Parent, One Year After the Massacre

By Carol Caffin | December 14, 2013 “I sent three children to school this morning. Only two returned.”  That was our friend Lenny Pozner’s unimaginably heartbreaking text to us last December 14, after we’d called and texted repeatedly to ask if he and his family, who lived in Newtown, Connecticut, were safe. “He was a … Continue reading

Police chiefs: Newtown response followed policy

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association says Newtown police responded rapidly and followed current policy at last year’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.