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Six months since Sandy Hook: Newtown residents find their voice

Newtown, Connecticut (CNN) — The door to the shuttered mental hospital swings open onto a scene of decay: Chunks of fallen plaster and mold-infested insulation rest on the floor of a once magnificent room. Chandeliers have given way to crumbling ceilings. Walls are stained from rain running down the sides after two decades of neglect. … Continue reading

Six months after Sandy Hook: ‘The town has changed, time has passed, but the sadness doesn’t go away’

Newtown residents, especially those who lost loved ones, are reminded daily about what they lost. Many aren’t looking forward to the marking of the anniversary, where they’ll once again be forced to feel sad. ‘Call today the six-month anniversary of the last day those 26 people were alive. That’s something to celebrate,’ says Dennis Stratford, … Continue reading

Mother Of Sandy Hook Shooting Victim Speaks On Healing The Wounds

New York City –  Imagine sending your 6-year-old son to school and never seeing him again. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Jesse Lewis, a first grader at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. went to class on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012 and never returned home. Americans watched in horror as news began … Continue reading