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Chicago-area conspiracy theorist targets Sandy Hook family

Jillian Soto remembers the day she stumbled across a website that showed photos of her at her sister’s funeral — and was horrified to read accusations that she had faked grief as part of an elaborate government hoax. Only a month earlier, Victoria Soto, 27, had been shot down while sheltering her first-grade students at … Continue reading

Suspect Made Harassing Calls Prior to Newtown-Related Incidents, Police Say

A New York man arrested in Avon on allegations that he made threatening phone calls to state officials and Newtown charity organizers made other disguised calls last year to someone he met on a retreat to Israel and previously claimed to be a victim of harassing calls himself, police said in the court files. During … Continue reading

Police: Man Who Harassed Connecticut Officials Believed in Newtown Shooting Cover-Up

Connecticut’s chief medical examiner and the state police public information officer received calls in January and February. Others who set up charities for the Newtown victims were also targeted, police said. Police arrested Jonathan Reich, 22, of Flushing, NY, earlier this week on a second-degree harassment charge as the suspected man responsible. Avon police began … Continue reading

New York Man Arrested In Connection To Threatening Calls

A New York man has been arrested and charged with making threats to state officials. Avon police arrested 22-year-old Jonathan Reich of Flushing, NY early Monday afternoon on charges of harassment in the second degree. Reich’s charge comes as the result of an initial complaint received by the Avon Police Department on February 1. After … Continue reading

Proposal would block Sandy Hook photos

Chief State’s Attorney Kevin T. Kane said Wednesday that while mainstream news media traditionally avoid the use of graphic photos, bloggers and so-called truthers — who claim the Newtown murders are a hoax by officials with an anti-gun agenda — have changed the Freedom of Information landscape. Read Article @ CtPost.com