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Adam Lanza, Analysis

Nancy Lanza: In Her Own Words

Nancy Lanza met Marvin LaFontaine when their young sons were in the Cub Scouts together in New Hampshire.

“We connected right away,” LaFontaine said. “Right from there it was a friendship.”

After the Lanza family moved to Connecticut in 1998, Nancy and LaFontaine kept in touch by email. He shared some of those emails from 1999 with FRONTLINE and The Hartford Courant, and we are publishing edited excerpts here, after redacting sensitive personal information.

The emails don’t by any means present a complete picture of the woman who raised Adam Lanza, and they leave many questions unanswered. But they offer some insight into her life, for the first time, in her own words. In her emails, Nancy writes of time spent playing with “the boys” — her two sons — weekend travel plans and new hobbies as she built a life anew in Sandy Hook. She also writes of an unspecified illness that she kept from her family.

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February 19,2013



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