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Sandy Hook Hoax Theories Explained: Why Newtown ‘Truther’ Arguments Don’t Hold Up

A number of conspiracy theories have grown up surrounding the shooting that claimed 27 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.

Many of these theories don’t necessarily assert that the shooting didn’t happen, but all of them claim some amount of deception has been wrought on the American public as to what happened in Newtown, Conn., that day. Some go so far as to say the massacre was a joint government-media operation to shore up support for a federal assault weapons ban.

There have already been a number of articles debunking many of these theories, including one by The Huffington Post. But in spite of the backlash, the theories continue to grow. Even professional athletes, news anchors and tenured university professors have lent credence to them.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of videos on YouTube that have been viewed more than 25 million times in total. (Yes, we counted.) One of those videos, by user “ThinkOutsideTheTV,” was viewed more than 10 million times in just 11 days, Buzzfeed points out.

HuffPost has obtained new information that sheds more light on some of the confusion that surfaced in the hours after the shooting occurred. Here are a few persistent “truther” arguments and explanations as to why they don’t hold up to scrutiny.

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Hunter Stuart | February 11, 2013



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