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Nancy Lanza: In Her Own Words

Nancy Lanza met Marvin LaFontaine when their young sons were in the Cub Scouts together in New Hampshire. “We connected right away,” LaFontaine said. “Right from there it was a friendship.” After the Lanza family moved to Connecticut in 1998, Nancy and LaFontaine kept in touch by email. He shared some of those emails from … Continue reading

Sandy Hook Hoax Theories Explained: Why Newtown ‘Truther’ Arguments Don’t Hold Up

A number of conspiracy theories have grown up surrounding the shooting that claimed 27 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. Many of these theories don’t necessarily assert that the shooting didn’t happen, but all of them claim some amount of deception has been wrought on the American public as to what … Continue reading

Girl Raps about the shooting in school